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The Custom Home Building Process


  Most builders go through the same basic process when building a home, whether building one of their standard plans or a truly custom home. We differentiate ourselves by providing hands on practical, experience to guide you through the complete development process – from conceptual drawings to Certificate of Occupancy. Whether it is one of our pre-designed homes or a design from scratch, it’s our intention to make the process run smoothly and efficiently. Most likely you will only build one house in your lifetime – you deserve more than a “builder’s standard” approach.

Initial Meeting

We will look at your lot, ask you questions regarding the type of house and style you are considering and answer any questions. If you don’t care for any of our existing plans, we can start from scratch with an architectural and engineering team. We can provide you with a rough idea of costs, so you can begin to look for funding options.

Designing YOUR Home – Existing Plans vs Custom Plans Meet

While we offer floor plans of previously built homes, all architectural plans will need to be merged with a grading plan (civil engineering) that is unique to your lot. While using one of our existing plans will save some time and money, it is likely that there will be some modifications based on your requirements and/or lot constraints. If you chose one of our plans, we will review it carefully with you taking these into consideration. We will then work with a land engineer to obtain the grading plan that must be submitted for approval along with the house plans. If we are developing a custom home, we will work as a team with you, an architect and a land engineer to develop the  plans.

Having the builder involved from day one of the planning process can save money and time once construction begins. Some builders put the onus on the client to manage the architect, structural engineer and civil engineer relationship.



Arrange Financing

We will provide you the information banks and lenders are looking for when funding a custom home. It is in your best interest to investigate 3-4 lenders. There are a large variety of financing options that lenders offer, so researching several institutions will provide you the most flexibility specific to your funding needs. We can provide a current list of banks offering construction funding.

Permit Processing

Depending on your time commitments, Stahl Homes can take care of obtaining all permits for a reasonable fee. Please note that bonds, deposits and costs can vary greatly. We can attempt to estimate those fees and provide guidelines for payment of the various Town, County and State fees which may be required. By removing or minimizing this step for the client, they can focus on selecting finishes and preparing for the construction process.


Stahl Homes will manage the construction from day one, including all site work and various utilities (Dominion Power, Washington Gas, FFX County Water Authority etc.). We will establish a schedule, maintain the schedule and provide updates and milestones throughout the process. There will be pre-planned walkthroughs at key junctures in the construction. Foundation, Framing, Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (or pre-Drywall) confirmations will allow you time to walk the home, ask questions and be involved. We will review all options and selections periodically to make certain all components are integrated to your satisfaction.




There are a lot of decisions to be made when building a home. Unlike other builders, we do not ask for you to select all your finishes (tile, countertops, cabinets, etc.) when you sign an Agreement with us. We will provide a base guideline and establish allowances for various components of the home. Once you have an opportunity to meet with our various vendors, you can decide where your money is most appropriately spent. Is it a high end granite and premium cabinets or heated bath floors and hardwood flooring in the Owners Suite? It’s our goal to establish allowances and finishes commensurate with your finished home objectives rather than lure you in with unrealistic lowball numbers. In addition, we provide you a schedule for selecting these finishes while we are drawing up the plans.
We recommend our clients work with one of our local interior designers to assist in making these decisions. Our designers are well versed in the home building process and will simply the choices, decisions, and coordination with the builder.

Home Completion and Final Walk-through

As we near completion, a final walk through will be conducted. During the walk through, we will demonstrate the features of your home including HVAC operation, appliances, electrical features and maintenance objectives. If there are any final adjustments, we will make them at this time. In addition, we will finalize all permitting processes and establish move in dates.


We will follow up with you periodically throughout the first year and conduct a one year warranty walk-though approximately one year after Occupancy.