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Floor Plans

Existing floor plans are a great way to begin to think about your new custom home

We have attached a few of our popular plans, plus we have more we can share once we meet and learn more about your lot, requirements, desires, and budget.

As lot sizes, shapes, and grades vary greatly in our area, most floor plans will need some adjusting to fit your individual lot.  Even if you have no changes to an existing set of floor plans, the plans will need to be merged with a civil engineering (grading) plan to obtain town, city, or county approval.

Because of this, we encourage potential clients to first sit with us to discuss what they like about a set of existing plans.   Incorporating this information along with the specifications of your lot will help determine the amount of changes that will need to be made.   Your budget will also have an impact at this introductory stage, as we want to make sure we are refining plans or designing a new home that will fit into your budget.   

Please contact us with questions on any of our floor plans.  Considering that most people only build one home in a lifetime, we want to make sure you get the home of your dreams.

Floor plans under 4,000 square feet

The Logan 1


The Logan 2



The Marcella



Floor plans between 4,000-5,000 square feet

The Williamston


The Madison



The Brenwood



The Chesapeake



The Charleston



Floor plans over 5,000 square feet

The Stonedale


The Rochester



The Cambridge